Call to Expand the Lollipop School Crossing Supervisor Scheme

Katter’s Australian Party candidate for Barron River Brendan Fitzgerald says the success of the Lollipop School Crossing Supervisor Scheme proves the concept should be taken further to include not-for-profit groups with responsibilities to children such as the SLQ Nippers and other sporting clubs.

Mr. Fitzgerald says, “Many Queensland junior sporting clubs in Queensland would be most grateful if the Lollipop Scheme funding was to be made available for events that are held outside of school zones.”

“The Lollipop Scheme is not an expensive scheme to operate considering its true value to society. These changes would incur a new cost to the State of $24.51 per hour per Supervisor. If we have 100 extra weekly events that qualify for this program and the Guards were averaging 4 hrs per event it would cost the State $10000.00 per week or about $500,000 per year. The admin and co-ordination costs and departmental support structure already exist. “

The Lollipop School Crossing Supervisor Scheme has protected many thousands of children from possible injury since it was introduced in 1984. There have been no deaths at supervised crossings in Queensland in over 25 years the scheme has been in operation but we have had deaths at unattended lights and pedestrian crossings.

“I would like to see this scheme rolled out to junior clubs and organisations all over Queensland, the safety of our children is paramount and deserves our total commitment.”

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